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About the Author

Vietnam Combat Navy pilot and advertising executive, Peter Engler, worked at major New York City and San Francisco advertising agencies for over thirty years. He worked closely with creative luminaries at Saatchi & Saatchi, Foote, Cone & Belding, and J. Walter Thompson to create award-winning ad campaigns for Sony, Clorox, Lipton and other successful brands. Engler experienced their superior powers of observation, creativity and professional courage in action many times. Ben Coleman is a composite of these brilliant advertising craftsmen and this story could have happened. Visit Peter Engler at

Peter is a career coach (, a pen and ink artist (, and is active in Bay Area veterans non-profits. He is married to Carole with whom he shares five children and eleven grand-children. He sails, bikes, and enjoys driving his classic BMW convertible in the back roads of Marin County.

Peter notes:

I have lived happily in Marin County for years, but grew up in the East near the famous author, Sloan Wilson, who wrote The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. This post-war novel was an instant success in the late 40's and became a movie with Gregory Peck.

Its powerful theme of an average guy caught up in a dangerous set of events, who must rely on his courage and wits to solve his dilemma has always intrigued me, and is the model for my Ben Coleman character in New and Improved! A Political Thriller (reissued in 2018 as The Unselling of the President) and several other novels in the Ben Coleman Chronicles Series currently under development in my immaculate writers cottage in Belvedere, California.

My career Guide, Your Crystal Clear Career Path, has helped hundreds of graduates and mid and late-career executives "find rewarding work, not just a job".

I would be glad to speak by phone about your goals as an author or speak to your organization.


Peter hosting his pen and ink show at the Tiburon, Ca., library. His work can be seen at

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